Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wubbzy Theme (Season 1)

Look Don't Touch

A Little Help

Perfect Day

Pet Party

Mr. Cool


That's What Friends Are For

Ya Gotta Be Free

You're A Star



We're All Together

Made By You


Be Happy

Don't Lie

Paint A Picture

One Step At A Time

By The Book


Love Is All Around

Holiday Light

Small Thing

Planet Fun

Wubbzy Theme (Season 2)

Wubbzy Wiggle

Dance-Dance Party

Robot Dance

Happy Hop


Too Much Of A Good Thing

Are You Ready?

Wake Up

Be Yourself (U R U)

Beautiful World

Different People

New Kid

Let's Be Quiet

I Love You


Don't Give Up

Birthday Birthday

Halloween Night

Winning (Done With Fun)

Gift Of Joy

Time For Fun

Let's Do It

No Fear

Me And My Friends



So Much To Do

Sing A Song 1

Sing A Song 2

Sing A Song 3

Sing A Song 4

Sing A Song - Remix

Sing A Song - Original Version

Come Play With Me

Wubbzy Wiggle Performed By The Wuzzles

Wubbzy End Theme

Jukebox Robot 1

Jukebox Robot 2<

Jukebox Robot 3

Jukebox Robot 4

Jukebox Robot 5

Jukebox Robot 6

Jukebox Robot 7

Jukebox Robot 8

Jukebox Robot 9

Jukebox Robot 10

Jukebox Robot 11

Jukebox Robot 12

Jukebox Robot 13

Jukebox Robot 14

Jukebox Robot 15

Jukebox Robot 16

Jukebox Robot 17

Jukebox Robot 18

Jukebox Robot 19

Jukebox Robot 20

Pet Party Sing-A-Long

You're A Star Sing-A-Long

Behind The Scenes Special (Short Documentary On The Making Of Wubbzy)

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  1. Oh my gosh, my kids love these songs (and I have to confess that I do to!)! Do you know if there is a compilation ablum of the songs? That would be so awesome. By the way, thank you so much for putting the songs in one place.